Sock It To Sarcoma Round - 17th & 18th Feb
Date of Event : Tue Feb 6, 2018 10:16PM

Information on annual Sock it to Sarcoma! Round


The WA District Cricket Council has endorsed the annual Sock it to Sarcoma! Round for the weekend of Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 February 2018.


We thank all District Clubs for getting involved to help raise awareness of sarcoma.


Sarcoma is a rare, aggressive cancer of the bones or soft tissue especially prevalent in young people aged 15-25. About 800 new cases are diagnosed each year in Australia, and because the disease is often discovered late, only 40% of patients survive past five years.


Two players at the Melville Cricket Club (MCC) – Hugh Atkinson and Amanda Williams – have been battling sarcoma. Both of these young adults are continuing to follow their love of cricket.


What we need District Clubs to do


We have set up an Everyday Hero page to simplify fundraising:



Please email this information out to all your club members (Under 13s to 1st Grade men and women). Invite them to make a donation and mention your club in the comments (e.g. MCC) and ask that they email the Everyday Hero information to their contacts.


These donations will go directly to Sock it to Sarcoma!, a registered independent charity based right here in the west.


Sock it to Sarcoma! provides support and care to people with sarcoma and their families. Funds are used for research, community awareness and patient support.


The best defense we have against sarcoma is greater awareness. If we catch it early we save lives.

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