Update to COVID Policy
Date of Event Scarborough Cricket Club: Thu Dec 3, 2020 10:16AM

The Western Austrlian Government is now as of 5 December 2020 requiring all venues to have records of all persons who enter. In line with this requirement, The WADCC through WACA have issued an updated version 5 of their COVID Policy that includes for this requirement. Please see the below extract from the policy.

In order to ensure we as SCC comply with this requirement we ask all players, parents and visitors to Peter Wearne Pavilion to download the SafeWA app and scan the QR Code each time they visit the facility. A QR Code has been placed at the entrance door. Use of the app will allow us to comply without having to manually record each and every entrant. Please help us to be compliant by downloading the app now.




From 5 December 2020, in line with the WA Government directive, all clubs must maintain contact registers for WA Health Department COVID-19 contact tracing.

If COVID-19 is detected in the WA community, contact registers help to protect us all by enabling the WA Health Contact Team to quickly identify and assist anyone that may have been exposed to COVID-19.

To help, the WA Government has developed a free app, SafeWA, which will provide venues with a digital contact register system. SafeWA is an efficient and safe way to record patron and visitor contact details where they can check-in, using the app. It works via an online contact register system that uses QR Codes for patrons and staff to scan to register their attendance.

The SafeWA app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store now. Premier Clubs will be required to collect the date, name, telephone number and arrival time of all patrons, staff, visitors and contractors that attend the premises of their clubrooms. This is not required for people limited to the changerooms, players/officials’ toilets and shower facilities etc. This is also not required for any children under the age of 16, however, adults accompanying such children are encouraged to register their details.

The contact register records must be kept for 28 days, and not used for any other purpose. Instructions for Clubs and Venues on use of the app can be found here. Instructions for Individuals on use of the app can be found here.

More information can be found on the WA Government website here.

Last updated: Thursday December 3, 2020 1:17PM