Social Membership
The following forms can be used for Social Members only: Social Membership Form. Membership cost is indicated on the form. Completed forms are to be submitted to

Social Members are now eligible for a discount on their WACA Membership. For further details contact Brad Havlin,

EFT Details:
Account Name: Northern Districts Social Club Inc
BSB: 036-073
Account Number: 155024
Reference: Surname, Initial-Fees  eg. Jones,B-Fees


Player Members (Juniors and Seniors)

Registrations are now completed via the online platform provided by Cricket Australia. The link to the registration website can be found here. If you are transferring from another club (other than a junior community club) you will require a clearance to be processed. Please contact Brad Havlin to arrange a clearance from your previous club.

Junior Fees:

The Team Managers will pass on information relating to Training and Match Fees to each player. Junior players are required to be registered prior to be eligible to play. 

Senior Fees:

Seniors fees must be paid upfront and in advance of the first round. Full Senior Fees are $580 incl GST and include a $55 non-refundable deposit for the End of Season Awards Night and the pre-purchase of a book of tickets in the Toyota Raffle [books to be supplied]. Student Fees are $505 incl GST and include a $55 non-refundable deposit for the End of Season Awards Night and the pre-purchase of a book of tickets in the Toyota Raffle [books to be supplied].


Players who may have difficulty in paying upfront and in advance are requested to speak with Brendan Carvalho (President) or David Timmins (Treasurer) as early as possible to discuss possible arrangements. Any player who is not paid in full by the 3rd October (week of the first round) will have an additional $100 late payment fee added to the balance owed and will not be eligible for selection.


Your fees go towards covering your insurance therefore your financial status is important in determining the extent to which you are covered under the insurance policy. If you are 18 years old or above, your fees also cover your Scarborough Sportsmen’s Club Membership. This membership is not paid until you are completely financial. The Scarborough Sportsmen’s Club has advised that they will be implementing membership checks for anyone on their premises. The Scarborough Cricket Club is also required to notify the WACA of unfinancial players.

Registration Guide
Here is a quick guide to ensuring a smooth registration process.

Step 1. Obtain your Player ID number. Your player ID number can be found by looking up the player name on the MyCricket webpage (click here) or copy and paste the following link . Please check you have the right player ID by looking at the Club to the right, this will either be Scarborough Cricket Club (if an existing player) or the community club name (new player).


Step 2. Click here to open the Registration page or copy and paste the following address:

Step 3. Login to registration page using the ID number and password (this is the same password you used for community based cricket). If you can't remember your password then hit the link for forgot password, then enter the player ID or e-mail and MyCricket will send you a link to change password. Once this is changed then you may attempt to login again.

Step 4. Choose the registration product and follow the on-screen directions.

Step 5. All registrations require payment (or part payment online to complete the registration process. If you do not have access to a credit card and wish to pay via alternate means please contact David Timmins, Treasurer via e-mail

Step 6. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you confirming the registration process by MyCricket.

If, for any reason you are unable to proceed, this could be due to an old e-mail address on the system. If you encounter any problems e-mail Brad Havlin, Secretary at and indicate what the problem is and we can attempt to get a solution to enable you to proceed.